December 8, 2023

Synopsis: The school youth film “Distract the Attention of Time 分散時間的注意” is also named as “The Best Time 最好的時光”, It tells that An Yang, who likes playing basketball, with her naive friend Ye Siyu went to the same high school together. At school, An Yang got to know Han Feng, a handsome boy from school basketball team, and Ye Siyu also became friends with Li Xiang because of basketball. In the later days, the relationship between An Yang and Han Feng became better and better. As a result, the class teacher and parents were afraid of their puppy love and treated them severely. Ye Siyu, who came from a single parent family, also made her life in a mess because her mother was in debt. As a result, the troubles of youth alienated the four happy friends, and their best time was long gone. After graduation, this knot made An Yang to change the past in her novel, so she passed through time and returned to high school again. How to resolve the relationship with Han Feng and how to help Ye Siyu became her redemption.

故事简介: 校园青春电影《分散时间的注意 Distract the Attention of Time》亦名《最好的时光 The Best Time》,讲述爱好打篮球的安阳和天真无邪的闺蜜叶思羽一起考入了同一所高中,在这里,安阳因为篮球结识了篮球校队的帅气男生寒枫,而叶思羽也和活泼的李想成为了朋友。后来的日子,安阳和韩枫的关系越来越好,导致班主任、家长等都害怕他们早恋而严厉对待,而同为单亲家庭的叶思羽也因母亲负债而让生活陷入了一团糟。于是,少年时代的烦恼让四个原本快乐的朋友变得疏远,他们离开了原本属于他们的最好时光。毕业后,这个心结让安阳想在小说中改变过去,于是,她再一次回到了高中时代,而如何化解与韩枫的关系,如何帮助叶思羽,都成了她必须要完成的救赎。

出品 Studio: 宁波懒阳阳影业 Lanyangyang Film, 宁波启亚影视 Qiya Film.
制片人 Produced by: 张丹阳 Zhang Danyang.
导演 Directed by: 张艺旻 Zhang Yimin.
编剧 Screenplay by: 张丹阳 Zhang Danyang, 张艺旻 Zhang Yimin.
主演 Starring: 懒阳阳 Lan Yangyang, 姚远 Yao Yuan, 郑晓甫 Zheng Xiaofu, 洪奕昕 Hong Yixin.
题材 Genres: 青春 Youth, 校园 School, 穿越 Time-Travel.

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