November 29, 2023

【Chinese Name】绽放
【Starring】姚星彤 Yao Xingtong / 顾琴烨 Gu Qinye
【Synopsis】The story takes place in the beautiful Jiangnan water town in April, the last stop of a handicapped art troupe’s tour in various places in the south of the Yangtze River… The art troupe came to the last stop of the tour in a small town in the south of the Yangtze River. The director Fang Songyang and the assistant to the director Guan Xiaoling found the home of the blind pianist Yueming while the stage was being set up. The Art Troupe for the Disabled needs such a pianist. Fang Songyang has always wanted to see this blind pianist and listen to Yueming’s performance. The two came to Yueming’s house and explained their intentions. Yueming and his father were also very happy. Yueming played a song for them. Fang Songyang and Guan Xiaoling were very satisfied with Yueming’s performance and arranged for Yueming to participate in the performance . The performance of the Art Troupe for the Disabled was very successful and was warmly welcomed by the local people. Everyone sincerely admired and praised the magnificent performance of the Art Troupe. Fang Songyang said that since the tour of the disabled art troupe has ended and the art troupe will be disbanded for a while, it is impossible to bring Yueming back to the art troupe this time. And Yueming said that he didn’t want to be idle at home, but wanted to go to the provincial capital to find his sister Yueming, and find a job by the way. Yueming got on the car of the art troupe and went to the provincial capital to find his sister Yueming. Back at the location of the Art Troupe for the Disabled, the troupe was temporarily disbanded. Fang Songyang and Guan Xiaoling saw off the last member of the regiment, and the regiment suddenly became empty. Guan Xiaoling and Yueming came to the blind massage parlor where Yueming’s sister worked, and found her sister Yueming. The two met very affectionately, Yue Ming expressed that he didn’t want to stay idle at home, and wanted to work in a massage parlor, but his sister strongly opposed it. Fang Songyang and Guan Xiaoling found several jobs related to playing the piano for Yueming, such as coffee shops, hotels, and piano tutors, but because Yueming couldn’t see, they repeatedly hit the wall. Under Yueming’s insistence, she went to a blind massage parlor and became a masseuse. Fang Songyang and Guan Xiaoling did not give up and still worked hard to find a better job for Yueming. Finally, a certain art school asked Yueming to go for an interview. After the interview, Yueming was finally hired by a certain art school. A deaf-mute girl named Qiao Yin was arrested for theft. Because no one in the court understands sign language, she hoped that Fang Songyang would come to help.
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