December 8, 2023

Synopsis: The action movie “Special Forces Rise 魅影特工隊” tells a story in which a secret agent organization that selects people with outstanding talents to train in secret. After rigorous training and elimination, only five people are left to form the “Phantom” agent team, and complete a series of confidential tasks for the organization. The invincible Phantom strikes! What the “Phantom” did not expect was that a conspiracy was actually emerging. Who is the traitor among both sides? Between personal vengeance and the mission, how should the “Phantom” choose?

故事简介: 动作电影《魅影特工队 Special Forces Rise》讲述了一个秘密特工组织,挑选天赋有过于常人能力的人进行秘密培训,经过严酷培训淘汰后,只剩下五人成立“魅影”特工组为组织完成一系列机密任务,魅影出击,所向披靡!“魅影”却没料到,一个大阴谋正在逐渐浮出水面,敌我双方的内鬼究竟是谁,私人恩仇和任务大局,“魅影”又该如何取舍!

出品 Studio: 北京掌尚娱乐 Palm Entertainment, 霍尔果斯星图影业 Change Star Film, 雲天影業 Yun Tian Film, 倾城雪影業 Qing Cheng Xue Film.
制片人 Produced by: 王天云 Wang Tianyun.
导演 Directed by: 彭艳飞 Peng Yanfei, 张林东 Zhang Lindong.
编剧 Screenplay by: 彭艳飞 Peng Yanfei, 高悟翔 Gao Wuxiang, 由宝儿 You Baoer.
主演 Starring: 崔友斌 Cui Youbin, 伊程Yi Cheng, 金铁峰 Jin Tiefeng, 傅隽 Fu Jun, 曹斐然 Cao Feiran, 包小平 Bao Xiaoping, 杜乔 Du Qiao, 罗红旗 Luo Hongqi.
题材 Genres: 动作 Action.

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