December 10, 2023

Background: In The Famous Chinese Novel “Water Margin 水浒” & “Jin Ping Mei 金瓶梅”, Pan Jinlian (潘金莲) is married Wu Dalang, the elder brother of Wu Song. Wu Dalang is short and ugly, while Pan Jinlian is renowned for her beauty; as a result, many people feel that the couple are a mismatch. Pan Jinlian, dissatisfied with her marriage, has an extramarital affair with Ximen Qing, a handsome womaniser in town. Wu Dalang eventually discovers the affair, but Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing murder him by adding poison to his food. They bribe the coroner to conceal the true cause of his death. Wu Song grows suspicious of his brother’s death. He carries out his own investigations and discovers the truth…… This movie is another view.

故事简介: 电影《我是潘金莲 I’m Pan Jinlian》讲述 潘金莲自幼可怜,对人生已经放弃,直到遇到了武松,深深爱的无法自拔,她知道终有一天会有人杀了她,但她希望那个人是武松。潘金莲并不是一个荡妇,她有她自己对爱情的忠贞。心如孤岛,囚我终老。

出品 Studio: 星火兄弟影业 Star Firework Brothers Picture.
导演 Director: 贾凯 Jia Kai.
主演 Starring: 姚静 Yao Jing, 圣心瞳 Sheng Xintong, 申孟玉 Shen Mengyu, 石鹏渤 Shi Pengbo, 周雪珍 Zhou Xuezhen.
题材 Genres: 剧情 Drama, 爱情 Romance, LoveStory.

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