December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The horror movie “校花詭異事件” is about a campus love story. Susu is the Campus Girl of Huaxi University. One day when Susu was wandering in the park, she found a girl in front of her. But after that girl turned around she found it’s an old women’s horrible face. Then when Susu was on a tour, she found all ways were closed because of the flood. She had to settle at a mysterious inn where series supernatural events happened. No one at the inn believed her but a photographer Lin Feng. During the days with Lin Feng, Susu found her had fallen love with him and the scenes, the feeling were so familiar. At last, Susu found out the truth…

故事简介: 恐怖和爱情电影《校花诡异事件》讲述华西学院的苏苏(赵奕欢饰)是一个校花。一天,她行走在校园小径上,看到一个穿着校服的女生走在前面,苏苏追上问路的时候,发现这位女生竟然是一位面容诡异的老妪。此后,苏苏遇到的灵异事件更是层出不穷,尤其是当苏苏有一次旅游遇到山洪封山,不得不住进一家地图上没有的神秘旅店之后。
层出不穷的诡异事件无时无刻不在折磨着苏苏脆弱的神经,可除了摄影师林枫外,根本没有人相信苏苏眼睛里看到的东西。苏苏经历的这些灵异事件真的是在我们熟悉的这个时空中发生的吗? 神秘莫测的结局又揭示出女主角遗忘了一段什么样的经历呢?

出品 Studio: 泽西年代影业 Jersey Film, 模晰文化 Moxi Media.
制片人 Produced by: 刘鸿 Liu Hong, 陈青 Chen Qing, 廖李斌 Liao Libin.
导演 Directed by: 关尔 David Kuan (Guan Er).
编剧 Screenplay by: 梁潇潇 Liang Xiaoxiao,朱孛 Zhu Bei.
主演 Starring: 赵奕欢 Zhao Yihuan (Chloe Zhao), 王一 Wang Yi.
题材 Genres: #恐怖 #horrorstories #惊悚 #thriller #爱情 Romance #love .

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#電影校花詭異事件人鬼情未了的感人愛情故事 #Horror #Love #film #恐怖愛情片

電影《校花詭異事件》“人鬼情未了”的感人愛情故事 | Horror & Love film 恐怖愛情片 HD*

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