December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The adventure movie “Wild Beast 荒野巨獸” tells the story of the year 2100, in the mysterious wilderness and extreme cold forest area, there are primitive deep forests so dense, and ice and snow so cold that dangers hide inside. In this extremely cold wilderness forest land, a meteorite from the planet Garkal 2 with outer space cosmic power fell down on the ground. This meteorite has a mysterious power that can cause other creatures to mutate. But this power is found and improved by scientists, they can eliminate the mutation power brought by the meteorite and turn it into a solution to solve various diseases of diverse organisms and benefit mankind. The scientific expedition team led by Professor Wen went to this wilderness and extremely cold forest area to find this meteorite to eliminate this crisis, but the evil team led by Lie Kun is also looking for this meteorite for the wealth it would bring. Yet no one thought of the meteorite changing the characteristics of creatures, and these creatures have become extremely dangerous. Can Professor Wen face the double crisis of the evil team led by Lie Kun and dangerous creatures, and find the meteorite to solve this crisis?

故事简介:探险电影《荒野巨兽 Wild Beast》讲述2100年,在神秘的荒野极寒森林地带,到处是茂密的原始深林,和寒冷的冰雪,里面暗藏危机。在这片极寒荒野森林地带有一块带有外太空宇宙力量的加卡尔2号星球的陨石坠落于此,这种陨石具有神秘的力量可以将其他生物变异,但是通过科学家将其找到并技术改良,可以消除陨石带来的变异力量,化为解决多样性生物各种疾病造福人类的解决方案。文教授所带领的科考队前往了这片荒野极寒森林地带寻找这颗陨石来消除这场危机,但是邪恶的烈昆集团也在寻找这颗陨石给他们带来财富,但是谁都没有想到陨石改变了生物的特性,这群生物变的危险重重,文教授他们能否面对邪恶的烈昆集团和危险生物的双重危机,找到陨石解决这场危机?

出品 Studio: 眸画影视 Mouhua Film, 木子弓数字科技 Muzigong Digital.
制片人 Produced by: 孟煜超 Meng Yuchao, 张光辉 Zhang Guanghui.
导演 Directed by: 徐衍 Xu Yan.
编剧 Screenplay by: 殷江将 Yin Jiangjiang, 徐衍 Xu Yan.
主演 Starring: 戴洱滨 Dai Erbin, 张天怡 Zhang Tianyi, 简叶 Jian Ye, 陈传凯 Chen Chuankai, 吴兆勇Wu Zhaoyong.
题材 Genres: 探险 Adventure, 科幻 Science Fiction.

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