December 8, 2023

Synopsis: The Movie “The Magic School 2 魔力學院之暗影歸來” is about a fantasy story in a magical school, where generations of elemental magicians were trained. Their mission is to seal the evil Dark Messenger (An Ying). However, there is a traitor in this generation. In order to get more power, the Wind Elemental Magician agreed a soul deal with the Dark Messenger and released it. So the war between the magicians and the Dark Messenger begin…

故事简介: 电影《魔力学院之暗影归来 The Magic School 2》讲述了一座古老而神秘的魔法学院,培育了一代又一代的元素魔法师,他们的使命就是封印邪恶的暗黑使者。然而这一代的元素魔法师中出现了一个叛徒,为了获得更加强大的力量,风之元素魔法师与暗黑使者签订了灵魂契约,将其释放了出来!为了拯救元素失衡的地球,魔法师与暗黑使者的战争拉开了帷幕……

出品 Studio: 方泉影业 Fang Quan Media.
导演 Director: 魏杰 Wei Jie.
编剧 Writer: 魏杰 Wei Jie, 陈雨涵 Chen Yuhan.
主演 Starring: 高成龙 Gao Chenglong, 刘津伶 Liu Jinling, 郜玄铭 Gao Xuan Ming, 张洛晨 Zhang Luochen, 李三帅 Li Sanshuai, 张恩齐 Zhang Enqi.
题材 Genres: 魔幻 #Fantasy Mystery, 青春 #Youth

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