November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The story of Movie “Murder On Honeymoon 蜜月裡殺人事件” happened in a KTV, a place of feasting and revelry. Yang Jiani, a pure and beautiful girl, was raped by two rich playboys. She can’t get help from legal ways. So she has to plan her own revenge step by step…

故事简介: 电影《蜜月里杀人事件 Murder on Honeymoon》讲述在 灯红酒绿的KTV,纸醉金迷的娱乐场所里,光鲜的身体诱发荷尔蒙,清纯的美少女杨佳妮遭遇一次次的侵犯而求助无门,终于实施她一步步的报复计划……本片音译《Mi Yue Li Sha Ren Shi Jian》。

出品 Studio: 泰一文化 Tai Yi Culture
导演 Director: 袁世纪 Yuan Shiji (飞天奖获得者)
主演 Starring: 韩妤儿 Han Yuer, 王冠权 Wang Guanquan
题材 Genres: #剧情 #Drama

频道内容介绍 Introduction of Channels & Contents
1, 圈影圈外官方电影频道 Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official:

2, 圈影圈外官方电视剧频道 Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel:

3, Moxi Movie Trailers Channel:

4, 模晰音乐频道 Moxi Music Channel:

5, 模晰官方电影频道 Moxi Movie Channel Official

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[Full Movie] 蜜月里杀人事件 Murder on Honeymoon | 剧情电影 Drama film HD*

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