December 10, 2023

【Chinese Name】浴血边关
【Starring】 姜川 Jiang Chuan 阿里木江·阿迪力 Alimujiang Adili / 古丽克孜·艾则孜 Gulikzi Aizezi
【Synopsis】This film tells the story of Wa Zuzhuo, the leader of foreign bandits, who led the invasion in the late Qing Dynasty and kept creating turmoil in an attempt to split Xinjiang. The people of all ethnic groups in the frontier who have suffered from the bitterness of the frontier cooperate closely with the Qing army, in order to transport food and grass, they fought bloody battles with the invading Wazuzhu bandit gang, fought to the death, and used their lives and blood to maintain the integrity and unity of the country’s territory.
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