December 7, 2023

Synopsis: Science Fiction Crime Movie “Online Kills 美人清除计划” is about a “live” story. An otaku Haowei abandons himself to “live” when he falls in love. Then he received a message for help online from a girl anchor. Three months later, his best friend Yanting brings his new girlfriend Ruizhu to their dinner. Haowei finds that Ruizhu is the right anchor! but Ruizhu says that she never works as a girl anchor…Haowei decides to investigate the strange thing and A killing plan is waiting for them there…

故事简介: 电影《美人清除计划 Online Kills》讲述太阳粒子爆发,影响地球通信质量。刚刚失恋的男主角浩伟,沉溺于网络直播间、享受着美女主播们安慰的时刻,竟然收到一个美女主播发出的求救讯息!三个月后,浩伟的死党彦廷介绍新女友给浩伟,浩伟惊讶发现,死党的新女友瑞筑正是之前的求救主播!重重谜团,不得其解。浩伟决定一探究竟!然而这一切的真相,源自于太阳粒子爆发引发的时空交错,浩伟收到的讯息来自于未来。被蒙在鼓里的主角们还不知道,更大的危机正在靠近,等待他们的将是一场精心密谋的连环杀人计划……一场直播间绝命救援即将上演!

出品 Studio: 浩宇互动 Grand Universe, 星图传媒 IFG
导演 Director: 焦喆英 Double Chiao(中国台湾)
主演 Starring: 谢坤达 Ken, 翁滋蔓 Smire, 欧弟 O.D (中国台湾) , 安晨芯 Milla An, 马力欧 Mario Pu, 赵正平 David Chao, 沈玉琳 William Shen. 何蓓蓓 Beibei He, 刘堇萱 Albee, 米娜 Mina, 江晏宁 Yarning.
题材 Genres: 科幻 ScienceFiction, 悬疑 Suspense, Crime 犯罪

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