December 7, 2023

Synopsis: Horror-Thriller Movie “Handjob Carbin 擼鬼屋” is about a ghost story: Five people go outing, in order to help one of their friends. But at the beginning they got into a strange accident, and then they came into a wild villa where there is a handjob ghost. it killed the people one by one and possessed their bodies. At last when they just caught the ghost, the truth came out…

故事简介: 恐怖惊悚电影《撸鬼屋 Handjob Carbin》讲述了为帮好友走出阴影,一行5人在度假途中遭遇离奇车祸,入住荒郊别墅后又遇到一只无论男女都要将你撸到死的女鬼而引发的一连串恐怖事件。灵异公路、厕所惊魂、荒郊别墅、镜中鬼影等经典惊悚片桥段都将在影片中密集出现。

出品 Studio: 光墨文化 Gammar Media, 奇树有鱼
导演 Director: 明焱 Ming Yan
主演 Starring: 木木 Mu Mu, 禾小斗 He Xiaodou, 马昕墨 Ma Xinmo, 张家鼎 Zhang Jiading, 杨一 Yang Yi, 侯佩杉 Hou Peishan
题材 Genres: 恐怖 Horror, 惊悚 Thriller, 悬疑 Suspense, 鬼片 Ghost

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