November 29, 2023

Synopsis: The Science Fiction and Action Movie “The Perfect Gene 完美基因” is about the story in future, Kehua Group developed a chip that can substitute human brain. If this chip is implanted into the human brain, the implantee could execute a designated sequence, according to a preexisting program…

故事简介: 科幻动作电影《完美基因 The Perfect Gene》讲述了随着社会进步,信息大爆炸时代的到来,亲子关系中的教育问题已经可以被芯片所取代。在父母的高期望下,孩子们被植入一枚“万能芯片”,进化成“完美人类”。但是在亲情的得与失中,到底孰轻孰重?

出品 Studio: 建业嘉和 Jianye Jiahe, 鑫美传媒 Xinmei Media
导演 Director: 郭东旭 Guo Dongxu
主演 Starring: 范家其 Fan Jiaqi, 魏炜 Wei Wei, 贺熙遥 He Xiyao, 朱启慧 Zhu Qihui, 迟漠寒 Chi Mohan
题材 Genres: 动作 #Action, 科幻 #ScienceFiction

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