December 10, 2023

Synopsis: The Movie “Midnight Ruins 午夜廢墟” is a story about love and hate. A broken painter, Cheng Zihao, was pulled by his friend, Su Fei, to investigate mystery events in a classic stage play: “The Phantom Lover 夜半歌声”,which was directed by him and performed by them four years ago. but at that time, the leading actor, Du Haoyang was dead in the play. So everyone believes the curse that Du Haoyang comes back in the same stage play. When Chen Zihao finally discovered the truth among the younger students, the same story of love and hate behind him is coming…

故事简介: 电影《午夜废墟 Midnight Ruins》讲述 落魄画家成子皓(张圣岳 饰)被旧日好友苏菲(常奕然 饰)叫去调查话剧社后辈们排练《夜半歌声 The Phantom Lover》时频频出现的诡异事件,这也是他们当年曾经排练过的剧目,同时也是他心中挥之不去的隐痛,是他所有噩梦的源泉。调查过程中波折不断,甚至把成子皓当年苦苦暗恋但早已多年不见的沈雪(乔悦 饰)也牵扯进来。这相隔多年的同一出戏竟然因为同样的爱与恨而冥冥中产生了许多的联系。随着事件的推进,越来越多的真相让成子皓感到愕然,一幅关于爱与恨的复仇画卷正在徐徐上演…

出品 Studio: 河南金兔影业 Golden Rabbit Pictures
导演 Director: 胡韵 Hu Yun
主演 Starring: 张圣岳 Zhang Sengyue, 常奕然 Chang Yiran, 刘俊峰 Liu Junfeng, 曾漪莲 Zeng Yilian, 刘拓 Liu Tuo, 乔悦 Qiao Yue
题材 Genres: 悬疑 #Suspense 惊悚 #Thriller

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