December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The movie ” 还钱 Return The Money” is about the story of a parvenu, Gu Xinhao, who earned money from stock market. Then he kept a mistress, A’Mei. When he put all his money into the stock market again, the stock market crashed. He owned huge debts. One side, he was hounded by his creditor of Gang force. On the other side, he listed the debtors and tried to get his money back. So now, Gu Xinhao and his two punks, Bareheaded Qiang and Fat Intestine, start a hard and funny journey of collecting money…

故事简介: 电影 《还钱 Return The Money》讲述土豪老板古鑫豪炒股赚了钱,挥金如土,瞒着老婆在外包养情人阿mei。古鑫豪将全部身家押进股市,但没多久股市大跌,为了补仓他向放高利贷的黑道大哥强哥借钱,不料股市崩盘,古鑫豪彻底成了负债的穷光蛋,老婆也愤怒地离去。强哥派打手追钱,古鑫豪为还钱列了一张追债名单,上面记录了他借给别人的债款。自此,古鑫豪和小弟肥肠、光头强走上了艰辛而搞笑的讨债之路…..本片或译《Pay Back》

出品 Studio: 广东大鑫豪, 包氏影业 Baos Film
导演 Director: 吴俊贤 (黑子) Wu Junxian
主演 Starring: 古享林 Gu Xianglin, 王新中 Wang Xinzhong
题材 Genres: 喜剧 搞笑 #Comedy

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