December 8, 2023

Synopsis: The martial arts action movie “The Road of Revenge 鎮撫使風雲” tells a story during the late Ming Dynasty, when the court was corrupt and traitors were in power. In order to expand his own power, the eunuch Weng Zhen secretly colluded with the Japanese pirates and plotted a rebellion. He appointed his confidant An Zhuzi to take charge of the security department, just to eliminate his opposite minister. Lu Da, a famous anti-Japanese general, and Yang Jizhong, a loyal court official, were also killed by Weng Zhen. Their descendants Lu An and Yang Xiao survived the disaster. They practiced martial arts hard since they were young and determined to avenge their families. Lu Da’s son Lu An went down the mountain in order to get close to Weng Zhen. On the way, he acted heroically and accidentally rescued Ma Qing, the deputy commander of the security department. He successfully entered the organization and gained the trust of Weng Zhen. Then began his road to revenge.

故事简介: 古装武侠动作电影《镇抚使风云 The Road of Revenge》讲述明朝末年,朝纲腐败,奸佞当道。掌印太监翁震为扩张一己势力,暗中勾结倭寇,密谋造反,委派心腹安柱子掌管北镇抚司,只为铲除朝中心患。 抗倭名将卢达、朝廷忠臣杨继中也被翁震所害,他们的后代卢安和杨晓在劫难中幸存,从小刻苦习武,立志要替家人报仇雪恨的故事。卢达之子卢安为了接近翁震而下山,在途中行侠仗义意外解救了镇抚司的副指挥使马青,从而顺利进入了镇抚司,并且用苦肉计取得了翁震亲信安柱子的信任,开始了他的复仇之路。

出品 Studio: 包氏影业 Baos Films.
制片人 Produced by: 魏利民 Wei Liming.
导演 Directed by: 田星杰 Tian Xingjie.
编剧 Screenplay by: 清风 Qing Feng.
主演 Starring: 魏利民 Wei Liming, 杨晓华 Yang Xiaohua.
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