December 7, 2023

【Chinese Name】别哭!妈妈
【Starring】苗苗 Miao Miao / 白昕月 Bai Xinyue / 李沁霏 Li Qinfei
【Synopsis】A single mother lives with a five-year-old girl (Bao Er). Bao mother regards her daughter as her life and spiritual sustenance. By chance, Bao’s mother took Bao’er to a poverty-stricken area in the mountainous area to do charity activities, and this charity activity touched the heart of Bao’er’s young child (Bao’er’s parents divorced when she was one year old)……
But fate’s trick, Baoer was diagnosed with malignant “rhabdomyosarcoma” by the hospital. The doctor’s verdict was only three months to live. The mother’s mental shock was too great to accept this reality, but she couldn’t tell Baoer’s final life time. The innocent and lovely Baoer overheard that she could only live for half a year, so that her mother would not be affected and she would not tell the truth, so she secretly accepted the arrangement of fate… In order to fulfill Baoer’s dream of going to school, her mother and social caring people helped her in the mountains. Elementary school and classmates completed the first and last course of life together…Two days before my last life, I told my mother that I hoped to donate body organs to those in need…
Three years later, in order to miss Baoer, the mountain primary school at this time was renamed “Zheng Baoer Hope Primary School”, and Bao’s mother has stayed in this school for three years.
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