November 29, 2023

【Chinese Name】背影
【Synopsis】The film inherits the theme of fatherly love in Zhu Ziqing’s prose of the same name, with fatherly love as the main clue, and tells a vivid family story in the way of film. A poor little mountain village in the 1990s. Twelve-year-old Chunxiu lost her mother at an early age and lived with her father and her paralyzed grandmother. His father suffered from lung cancer and had only a short life, so he married Guilan, hoping to give Chunxiu to her after his death. But I didn’t expect that Gui Lan had already suffered from uterine cancer before she got married, and she was dead, and she had the same purpose as Gui Lan’s father. At first, they concealed their purpose from each other, but in the three months of living together, both sides discovered each other’s secrets, and no one broke it. Out of a sincere and noble love for the child, the father decided to keep this secret. Not long after, Guilan and her father passed away, and Chunxiu used her weak shoulders to shoulder the burden of the family instead of her father. All actors in this film are non-professional actors.
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