November 29, 2023

Xue Ziying (played by Yan Bingyan), the former deputy editor-in-chief of the Beijiang Provincial Prison Administration of the Xinsheng Daily, founded the Children’s Village with the help of volunteers from inside and outside the system to take in those criminals orphans who live on the streets. One day, Children’s Village received a fax from the Prison Administration, telling them that a criminal named Qin Danian (played by Zhai Xiaoxing) escaped from prison and asked them to pay attention to whether his children were in the Children’s Village. Just at this moment, Grandma Qin, who was blind, went all the way to beg to find Xue Ziying, begging to help her find her lost grandson Qin Xiaoliang (played by Xiao Yun). And Qin Xiaoliang’s father was the escaped prisoner Qin Danian. With the cooperation of the police in Caoqiao Town, Xue Ziying found Qin Xiaoliang, a 7-year-old boy, and then she and Qin Xiaoliang embarked on a journey to find Qin Xiaoliang’s mother, Shen Feng.
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