December 4, 2023

【Chinese Name】水煮金蟾
【Starring】范雷 Fan Lei / 杨静儿 Yang Jinger
【Synopsis】In Hama Village, due to the land occupied by the expressway, four families are facing demolition and relocation. For the sake of fairness, everyone agreed to draw lots for distribution. However, Tian Sheng, an honest villager, was bullied by the four gangsters and others, and got a piece of bad land that no one wanted.
During the process of building a house and digging a well, hot springs were produced from the rotten land of Tian Sheng’s family, causing a sensation in the whole village. The mine owner Wang Liming used both hard and soft methods to force and frame Tian Sheng to hand over the hot springs; the village tyrant asked the village chief to redistribute the land, and called in a well-drilling team to ask him to dig wells in the direction of Tian Sheng’s hot springs; his wife Xia Ying An old classmate who hadn’t seen him for more than ten years suddenly came to the door, gave gifts and invited dinner, the purpose is to get a share of the hot spring development. Everyone has their own ghosts for this hot spring. Tian Sheng’s family, who had been living a peaceful life, was exhausted. Seeing his wife and children scattered and their family ruined, Tian Sheng finally couldn’t bear it anymore and agreed to hand over the hot spring. However, Tian Sheng asked Wang Liming, the mine owner, to pay the wages owed to himself and his workers. Wang Liming had no choice but to cash it on the spot, and the four gangsters also took the initiative to transfer their best homestead to Tian Sheng. At the time when Wang Liming invested a lot of money and attracted investment from the four gangs to develop the development with great fanfare, the township head came. At the meeting, the township head took out the water quality test report and publicly exposed that the hot spring water was polluted due to the random mining of Wang Liming’s iron mine. It cannot be developed for the time being, and must be rectified by Wang Liming, and it can only be developed after reaching the standard.
The wishful thinking of Wang Liming and the four gangsters came to nothing. Under pressure, Wang Liming cooperated with the township government to control pollution. Tian Sheng’s family built a new house and returned to their peaceful life.
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