December 10, 2023

【Chinese Name】天上人
【Starring】 田小洁 Tian Xiaojie / 左雯璐 Zuo Wenlu
【Synopsis】This is a film that reflects the construction of the special zone and the people’s upliftment and kindness in a humorous form. Du Meilin changed his name to City in order to please the public. The city is qualified to be a sensationalist. He used to be famous in the shopping malls in the southern coastal area. However, now he has long been bankrupt, has been down and out for many years, and has no fixed place to live. But the city always regards itself as that glorious city, and his spirit is always high. He disdains to associate with mediocre people, even though his life is not as good as that of mediocre people. Just like the Kong Yiji in Lu Xun’s works, he is extremely despondent, but he still holds on to his distinctive body. The city wants to go back to the era of getting rich, and want to get rich again like that time, but times have changed. Dudu, a natural visionary, came up with strange tricks that ordinary people couldn’t think of again and again, and longed for miracles to appear, but Dudu hit the wall again and again. The city perseveres, supports itself with those big and empty projects, deceiving itself and others. He became what people call a “celestial man.” “Heavenly Man” refers to the kind of person who makes people feel that he knows half of the sky and everything on the earth, and he can half of the things in the sky, and he is omnipotent in the things on the earth. “Heavenly Man” also has another meaning, which means that some people’s hearts are hanging in the air, they can’t see the world or the ground, or they don’t play cards according to ordinary people’s thinking, deviant, unconventional, and independent. The city is different from ordinary “heavenly people”. He has connotations and conscience. Because of this, these things combined with his strange behaviors form an extremely humorous, funny and deplorable character. The story is run through by this character’s ridiculous deeds. The story is a comedy, a bitter comedy, or, a thought-provoking tragicomedy.
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