December 10, 2023

【Chinese Name】笑里藏刀
【Starring】高晓攀 Gao Xiaopan / 谢孟伟 Xie Mengwei / 杜少杰 Du Shaojie
【Synopsis】Through the changing fortunes of three Sichuan Opera actors, the film tells the story of human relations and the sophistication of the world in the changing times. Chai Junrong was originally a servant of Young Master Jin. He lived in Chengdu and was admitted to the Sichuan Opera Troupe. He became a red card with his martial arts skills and gradually became the leader of the Sichuan Opera Troupe. He turned against the Young Master. At this time, junior sister Baxi intervened in their lives. Chai Junrong not only stole the young master’s sweetheart, but also stabbed the young master and disfigured him due to love and hatred.
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