December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy action movie “The Skin Painter 2 画皮师” tells the story of skin painter Fang Ji and his apprentice Mu Yiqian, who use the secret skills of skin painting to walk around the world and heal and help people. During this period, They encountered a strange disease which made humen turn into demons. This disease spread extremely quickly and was incurable. Fang Ji could not escape the fate of being infected. In order to save his master and other people, Mu Yiqian followed the half-demon Chuyun to investigate the source of the disease, but found that the cause of all this was actually related to the skin painter. What secrets are hidden in the secret art of painted skin? The master and apprentice have to face unprecedented difficult choices.

故事簡介: 玄幻動作電影《畫皮師2 The Skin Painter 》講述畫皮師方祭與徒弟穆一騫以畫皮秘術行走人間,醫人助人。期間偶遇一種妖化的怪病,此病蔓延速度極快,且無法醫治。方祭也難逃感染的命運,穆一騫為救師父與蒼生,隨半妖初芸調查妖化之病的來源,卻發現這一切的起因竟與畫皮師有關。畫皮秘術之中究竟隱藏著什麼秘密,師徒二人不得不面對前所未有的艱難選擇。

出品 Studio: 東陽奇月星空 Moon & Star Media.
製片人 Produced by: 崔偉 Cui Wei, 張昊鵬 Zhang Haopeng, 秦博 Qin Bo.
導演 Directed by: 張博維 Zhang Bowei.
編劇 Screenplay by: 昱敬 Yu Jing, 張馳 Zhang Chi.
主演 Starring: 蔡俊濤 Cai Juntao, 朱贊錦 Zhu Zanjin, 孫嘉璐 Sun Jialu, 曲博 Qu Bo, 滕藝 Teng Yi.
題材 Genres: #動作 #action #玄幻 #fantasy

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