November 29, 2023

【Chinese Name】目标战
【Starring】吴其江 Wu Qijiang / 宁宁 Ning Ning / 聂远 Nie Yuan
【Synopsis】Faced with the increasingly severe homeland security situation around China, Millions of Lions are ready. They are an elite force among millions of lions, the “wolf” troops in the ace army. They had outstanding military exploits and were invincible, but they suffered an unprecedented defeat in a modern war exercise. Under the leadership of the new commander, focusing on target-centered tactics, they experienced the fission of life and death in “infantry special warfare”. However, in an unexpected incident, this elite team was shot to the bottom again by the special forces “Flying Fox”. The honor of soldiers and the dignity of men require them to wash away their shame and defeat the special forces. After a successful breakout, they faced a new modern war exercise. Lurk, reconnaissance, assault!
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