December 7, 2023

Synopsis: The time-travel fantasy movie “Fox Spirit and Golden Seal 聶小倩之乾坤金印” tells the story of the Taoist Yan Chixia and the scholar Ning Caichen. In order to get rid of the tree demon grandma and rescue Nie Xiaoqian who was controlled by her grandma, they and the other knights met in Lanruo. During the battle with his grandma in the temple, he accidentally triggered the time-traveling power of the Golden Seal of the Universe, and was transported to modern times by the Golden Seal. Yan Chixia, Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian came to modern times and rescued the heroine Yuanyuan from the demon. The three temporarily settled in Yuanyuan’s house, but they brought a lot of trouble to Yuanyuan. On the other side, the grandma and the snake demon who came to modern times together deliberately tried to use the power of the Golden Seal of the Universe to move Lanruo Temple to modern times and turn the world into a paradise for monsters. They had no idea that they had fallen into grandma’s huge conspiracy. Nie Xiaoqian was in danger of being wiped out because she had been away from Lanruo Temple for a long time and had insufficient magic power and yin energy…

故事简介: 穿越玄幻电影《聂小倩之乾坤金印 Fox Spirit and Golden Seal》讲述道士燕赤霞和书生宁采臣,为了除掉树妖姥姥并救出受制于姥姥的聂小倩,与众侠士在兰若寺中与姥姥大战,不慎引发乾坤金印的时空穿梭神力,被金印传送到了现代。来到现代的燕赤霞、宁采臣和聂小倩从妖魔手上救下女主角媛媛,三人在媛媛家暂时安顿,却给媛媛带来了诸多麻烦。另一边,一同来到现代的姥姥和蛇妖处心积虑的想要利用乾坤金印的神力,妄图将兰若寺搬到现代,把人间变成妖魔的乐园。他们完全不知道已经进入了姥姥的巨大阴谋之中,而聂小倩因为脱离兰若寺许久,法力不足阴气不够,面临着灰飞烟灭的危险…

出品 Studio: 天尚科技 Tian Shang Tech, 掌娱影业 Palm Entertainment.
制片人 Produced by: 占杰 Zhan Jie, 赵聪聪 Zhao Congcong.
导演 Directed by: 侯艺晟 Hou Yisheng.
编剧 Screenplay by: 张霆 Zhang Ting, 侯艺晟 Hou Yisheng.
主演 Starring: 薛越心 XueyiYuxin, 汤斯婷 Tang Siting, 梁志扬 Liang Zhiyang, 黄安瑜 Huang Anyu, 宋柏霖 Song Bolin.
题材 Genres: #玄幻 #fantasy #穿越 #timetravel

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