December 4, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy action movie “Ultimate Secrets 天機之九幽業火” tells the story of Daye City, the capital city in an imaginary world, where a series of tragic murders caused by sudden fires are shocking and unpredictable. Shi Haoxuan, a crime-solving genius from Amaterasu Prefecture, and Xuan Kun, a Taoist prodigy from the Millennium City God Temple. Two young men with extraordinary fates and extraordinary talents are in trouble in order to understand the mystery and find the real murderer. The two set aside the murderous intent and blood mist, and while bringing to the surface the case of the Japanese envoys sent to kill their families twenty years ago, a secret dossier of the “Five Catastrophes of Karmic Fire” also revealed the mystery of their strange life experiences. A series of carefully planned murder puzzles are intertwined with each other in the capital city where clouds and waves are turbulent. With the infinite expansion of hatred and ambition, the curtain slowly opens in time and space…

故事简介 Synopsis: 古装玄幻动作电影《天机之九幽业火 Ultimate Secrets》讲述了架空世界中的都城大邺城,突发业火杀人的连环惨案,耸人听闻,神鬼莫测。来自天照府的破案天才时浩轩与千年城隍庙的道术奇才玄坤,两个命格奇绝、天赋异禀的少年为参透玄机,缉拿真凶而身陷水火。二人拨开杀气与血雾,在使二十年前倭国遣胤使灭门案浮出水面的同时,一卷“业火五灾”的秘密卷宗也揭开了他们诡异的身世之谜。环环相扣,案案相承,云诡波谲的都城之中,一系列精心谋划的杀人迷局,随着无限膨胀的仇恨与野心在时空中徐徐拉开帷幕……

出品 Studio: 奇月星空影业 Moon & Stars Media.
制片人 Produced by: 张昊鹏 Zhang Haopeng.
导演 Directed by: 周敬峰 Zhou Jingfeng.
编剧 Screenplay by: 罗仪威 Luo Yiwei, 邓舟舟 Deng Zhouzhou.
主演 Starring: 淮文 Huai Wen, 陈偌汐 Chen Nuoxi, 程琢 Cheng Zhuo, 张楷依 Zhang Kaiyi.
题材 Genres: #动作 #action #玄幻 #fantasy

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