December 7, 2023

【Chinese Name】医痴叶天士
【Starring】田小洁 Tian Xiaojie / 刘思伟 Liu Siwei / 苏倩薇 Su Qianwei
【Synopsis】The film uses a joking expression method to capture several stories of the “medical idiot” Ye Tianshi who healed injuries, cured a bandit in death, saved the life with a strange medicine, and skillfully acted as a matchmaker. During the Qianlong period, the “medical idiot” Ye Tianshi was well-known in Suzhou and Hangzhou for his superb medical skills and Zhongzheng medical ethics. The number of people who came to see Ye Tianshi every day and came to see a doctor was overwhelming. One day, the Shan family of Suzhou gentry brought several young people who were so painful that they cried for their fathers and mothers. Ye Tianshi took a look at the situation. He set the bones when they needed to be set, applied the medicine when needed, and stopped the injury with a pack of cigarettes.
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