December 7, 2023

【Chinese Name】恩怨
【Starring】王洪祥 Wang Hongxiang / 张亚坤 Zhang Yakun / 曹馨月 Cao Xinyue
【Synopsis】One night, the master of the Dedao martial arts hall was assassinated and his fate was hanging by a thread. Hong Xiang, a martial arts disciple who was a disciple of Master Zeng who was passing by the martial arts hall, accidentally bumped into the scene and found that the master had been murdered. He was furious. When he was about to break out of the martial arts hall to track down the real culprit, he happened to be blocked by Wang Wei, the son of Master Wang, who was leading the disciples back to the martial arts hall. He was misunderstood by everyone as the murderer of the master, and fell into a life-threatening injustice. among.
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【ENG SUB】Gratitude and Grudges | Action/Martial Arts/Drama Movie | China Movie Channel ENGLISH*

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