November 29, 2023

【Chinese Name】情缘廊桥
【Starring】郭鹏 Guo Peng / 王薇 Wang Wei / 邓锦 Deng Jin / 蔡亦明 Cai Yiming
【Synopsis】In order to restore the Song Dynasty covered bridge, Yueshan Village called back Wu Tianhong, who was studying bridge construction abroad. However, after returning to the village, Wu Tianhong vowed never to build a bridge. Si Yue, who returned to her hometown of Yueshan from Taiwan to search for her ancestors, discovered Wu Tianhong’s secret that was difficult to reveal. In order to get him out of the predicament, Si Yue intervened in his life; Ruyi, the college student village chief who deeply loved Wu Tianhong, fell into pain when faced with the emotional changes between Si Yue and Wu Tianhong; during this period, A Gen, who had been pursuing Ruyi, fell into pain Ruyi ran away in a lingering relationship; the four of them were involved in complicated love entanglements.Everything was seen by the eight-year-old Ah Shui, and he wrote everything in a letter to his mother….
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