November 29, 2023

【Chinese Name】风云太白山
【Starring】陈创 Chen Chuang / 张洪睿 Zhang Hongrui (Danny) / 秦卫东 Qin Weidong
【Synopsis】In 1949, Chinese history is about to turn a new page. In July, the First Field Army of the People’s Liberation Army launched the Battle of Fumei, the foundation battle for the liberation of the northwest, and achieved a major victory. The remnants of the Kuomintang’s “Central Army” sneaked through the Taizi Mountains, the main peak of the Qinling Mountains, and fled south. The thrilling story happened right here and now…
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【ENG SUB】Bandit Suppression in Taibai Mountain | War/Historical Movie | China Movie Channel ENGLISH*

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